Done Differently.

Get to the heart of what really matters

Done Differently.

Get to the heart of what really matters

Business Coaching for sustainability professionals

Coaching for sustainability professionals

Unleash your potential as the sustainability leader you were born to be!

I know that being in a sustainability role can be lonely. You are often the ‘team’ and it takes all of your energy just to stay on top of the day to day.

You are constantly driving change for your company and providing sustainable leadership by shining a light on what matters. You have been able to achieve the impossible on a shoe-string budget with little or no support.

But what about your wants, goals and desires?

Find out how recieving support that focuses firmly on you as the expert puts you in a safer and stronger position to future proof your career and life.

Consulting Services

Business Consulting Accelerator

A step-by-step program on how to start and scale an independent consultancy to six figures.

Right now you might be stuck in a giant corporation that doesn’t know the true value of your skills and talents. Perhaps you’re not learning or growing – or having the kind of impact you want to make on the world.

I get it. I’ve been there, and I know how frustrating it is to spin your wheels knowing you’re capable of so much more.

As an independent consultant, I’ve learned what it takes to build a thriving consulting practice and scaled mine to 6 figures in 2 years without compromising my wants. From finding new clients, to breaking through organisational bureaucracy, to getting valuable referrals for new opportunities.

Start and scale an independent consultancy business here.

Consulting Services
Business Consulting

Sustainability Consulting Services

Solidify your reputation as responsible and trustworthy organisation ensuring long-term success through strategic sustainable action.

Now, more than ever before, consumers and investors alike are demanding more accountability from companies.

More honesty. More transparency. More responsibility.

In a world where the slightest mishap can go viral overnight, it’s vital to understand your sustainability position, strengths and vulnerabilities.

Aegle helps forward thinking organisations solidify their reputation as a responsible, trustworthy proponents of progress, and ensure long-term success through strategic sustainable action.



Access the tools you need to become a sustainability leader capable of driving real change on issues that matter.

You’re committed to building a sustainable business. And you want to make sure you’re equipped to get the job done.

Aegle’s Sustainability Training Programs will give you the tools to become a sustainability leader capable of driving real change on issues that matter.



Donna Kelly

Investor Relations at Evolution Mining

“We engaged Lena to facilitate a Sustainability workshop to improve our understanding of Sustainability Reporting and to assist us through the process of identifying the topics that mattered most to our business and our stakeholders.

Lena is a delight to work with and brings much energy, passion and knowledge to the table to motivate us to continue to improve”

Kylie Chrystal

Performance and Reporting Manager at Curtin University

“I had the opportunity to work with Lena when she worked with Curtin as a consultant, looking at the sustainability impacts of The Greater Curtin Master Plan and managing our Green Star – Communities certification.

She has an amazing ability to manage projects, bring everything together and manage different people tactfully. She brought a great deal of experience and knowledge into projects and I admire her ability to lead while getting the most out of her team and project stakeholders”

Alyson Slater

Chief Network Engagement Officer at Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

“As part of GRI’s partnership with DFAT to contribute to sustainable and inclusive economic development and facilitate trade and investment in the Indo-Pacific region, I engaged Lena to develop a situational analysis of the sustainability and reporting landscape in Papua New Guinea.

As a trusted colleague, I also engaged Lena to facilitate an in country trip to Australia for GRI’s CEO which was planned and executed efficiently and effectively. She is professional, thoughtful and a pleasure to work with”


Anna Hopkins

Lecturer at Edith Cowan University

Upon receiving a recommendation from my colleagues in the School of Business and Law at ECU I engaged Lena to author and deliver a new unit on Sustainability Assessment and Reporting for Master of Environmental Science. Lena’s approach to the materials used her extensive industry experience with leading technology to deliver engaging content to students. She brought a keen sense of navigating academic requirements with practical application to her work. It was no surprise when her student satisfaction scores were above 80%. Lena is trustworthy, dedicated, thorough and was a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Lena to develop and deliver engaging material on sustainability topics”

Chris McLoughlin

General Manager Greenbase Pty Ltd

In order to continuously improve our offering to clients we made the decision to extend our reporting services to include sustainability indicators developed by GRI. We needed to find expertise to strategically map this approach and guide us through this process. After searching we found Lena, an approachable, genuine and ethical professional. Lena is naturally good at providing insight into complex operating environments and situations and shines through her brilliant sense of humour. When our clients are looking to improve their commitment to sustainability, Lena is the first person I recommend to them”

Hossein Ali Abadi, PhD

Lecturer in Management at Edith Cowan University

“I engaged Lena as a teaching assistant and sessional tutor for an undergraduate management unit at ECU. Using her industry expertise and knowledge of emerging trends she recommended innovative approaches to help increase student engagement on management topics such as leadership and strategy. She is an excellent facilitator that delivers content in a meaningful and engaging way. She has a great attitude and fun approach to teaching. I really enjoy working with Lena and have no hesitation in recommending her”