Material Sustainability

Do you know the material environmental, social and financial impacts, risks and opportunities relevant to your company and stakeholders? Are you trying to identify innovative ways to finance sustainability? Are your investor relations getting more sustainability or ESG related questions? Have you developed a comprehensive materiality matrix but not sure what to do with it? Have you written a sustainability report but found it to be a check box exercise? Maybe you are looking at the word material and wondering what it means to you, your business or your stakeholders.

Whatever your current status, we can help with independent specialist services and advice to get to the heart of the material issues for your organisation:

    • BUSINESS CASE DEVELOPMENT: We are experienced in developing compelling and relevant business cases         for sustainability. We can tailor a proven process that allows you discover and prioritise the business drivers         for optimal investment in sustainability.
    • SUSTAINABILITY STRATEGY: Let us guide you objectively through developing a robust strategy. Harness our         experience to develop a strategy with value across the whole of your business that is accountable at the Board         level.
    • MATERIALITY ASSESSMENT: Move from a tick box approach of identifying impacts to an evolutionary process         based on international guidance but tailored to your organisation. We guide you to get to the heart of what         really matters.
    • MATERIAL DISCLOSURE: Once you know what really matters to your business we can help you decide what to         do with the information. From innovation to disclosure, integrate material issues into the your overall         corporate strategy and develop an appropriate communication channel for your stakeholders.
    • SUSTAINABLE SUPPLY CHAIN: In line with internationally recognised standards we offer guidance on the value         chain to mitigate risks and identify opportunities that may have the potential to have resounding impact.
    • ETHICAL SOURCING: What do you know about the products you are sourcing? Are your customers starting to         ask questions about the origins of some of the products you supply and you don’t have the answer?
    • PRIORITISE: We can help you focus on the material risks and opportunities related to your business and thus         prioritise to get maximum results for your organisation.

    Maybe you already have an established Sustainability strategy with clearly defined material topics and need to integrate it further. You may be looking to use materiality to drive strategy and reporting in a profound way. Perhaps you are approaching materiality for the very first time. This process may be making you feel isolated or you may feel you have too many stakeholder expectations to manage. Whatever you are facing, navigating through this can be complex, often challenging and sometimes confusing.

    Engage with Aegle today to discover what is material but also how to use this information to drive the sustainability agenda to uncover what’s possible for tomorrow.

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