Integrate Sustainability

Is sustainability a standalone function in your business? Do you have low levels of engagement across functional managers and teams regarding sustainability? What kind of interaction do you have with your investor team? How do you communicate sustainability with HR, Finance, Sales or Marketing? Do you collaborate well or just show and tell? Are you connected with your peers? Do you have common language for sustainability in your business? Have you defined your material aspects and are ready to leverage these opportunities to create shared value integrating sustainability into core corporate strategy.

Whatever your current status, we can help with independent specialist services and advice to integrate sustainability into core business:

    • BUILD CAPACITY: We can facilitate, negotiate and influence clear common ground to collaborate and connect with cross functional teams in your business to design creative solutions for a shared sustainability purpose.
    • BOARD ACTIVATION: Changes to the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations in 2014 now require listed companies to disclose their material economic, environmental or social risks or explain why they do not. As influencers of this change let us guide and educate your Directors who are reaching out and grappling with the new responsibilities that this brings.
    • MOTIVATE THE C SUITE: Your top executive team is critical to the success of an integrated strategy. We use our strong commercial acumen combined with deep sustainability knowledge to help align your overall strategy to drive both brand & shareholder value.
    • EXTERNALITIES: There are many good and bad by-products of economic activities that organisations are subject to. Let us help you map those relevant to you and integrate the risks and opportunities into your sustainability strategy.
    • SHARED VALUE: We can identify long term success strategies that help broaden the view of shared value in your organisation. Let us help you reconnect company success with social progress.
    • SUSTAINABILITY REPORTING: Need to disclose your material sustainability impacts? We can do this with you. With extensive experience with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) we will introduce, guide or deliver exceptional results based on the most commonly used global framework for sustainability reporting.
    • INTEGRATED REPORTING: Disclosing what matters in an integrated way may be an option or future priority for your business. Let us help guide you through the complexities and break down the key differences between the reporting frameworks such as the IIRC and standards on offer so that you can make the best decision on how to disclose your information.
    • COMMUNICATION: Whatever the output of your sustainability efforts let us create clear strategic and meaningful communication for multiple stakeholders.
    • CELEBRATE: All too often we are so immersed in the ‘doing’ that we forget to celebrate and communicate our efforts- take the time to define what a celebration looks like and create a plan that can fulfill this dream.

    Engage with Aegle today to integrate sustainability into core business.