At Aegle we know that creating everlasting sustainable change requires collective action. One of the best ways to achieve this successfully is to engage in collaborative partnerships.

As a business with a clear focus we believe that partners who have complementary skills can bring great benefit to the clients we work with and vice versa. We also believe that by harnessing amazing talent in various global and national locations we can create everlasting change.

We create mutually beneficial, transparent and respectful partnerships that are designed for long term success.

Our current partners include:


Greenbase is a national leader in providing reporting services for mining and industry for over 15 years. Having collectively submitted over 3,200 reports over this period, covering National Pollutant Inventory (NPI), National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER), Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEO), and a host of other reporting programmes, Greenbase has teamed up with Aegle to focus on assisting industry in Australia with meeting Corporate Sustainability Reporting obligations both domestically and overseas.

XY On Boards

XY on Boards mission is to create, empower and connect the Next Generation of board directors. The XY on Boards ‘Board Ready program’ empowers the next generation of Board directors with the skills and confidence they need to secure a Board role that's right for them, and offering a grounding that will allow them to be well placed to contribute once in that role. Aegle Sustainability delivers programs for XY on Boards in Perth.

eRevalue Datamaran

eRevalue is a women-led technology company made-up of lawyers, ESG experts, and data scientists. They offer Datamaran™, a collaborative analytics platform built with Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques and a global market of end users. Technology combined with expertise helps business executives and their advisors understand the latest regulatory, reputational, and competitive risks related to ESG issues. Aegle Sustainability is eRevalue Datamran’s exclusive ambassador in Australia.


ZOOiD are award winning sustainability reporters and trainers. They believe that their role is to help organisations become more independent. More knowledge. More confidence. They give you this knowledge and confidence by developing processes that are easily transferred to you. ZOOiD is the first Certified Training Partner of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in Australia/New Zealand. Lena Geraghty from Aegle Sustainabiliy is a guest facilitator for their the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Certified G4 Sustainability Reporting Process Workshop.

Maybe you are an Australian business with a national vision or commitment struggling with delivery in Western Australia. You could be a school or government organisation looking for strategic input or operational advice. Perhaps you are a West Australian business looking to increase your capacity.

If you like the sound of this or would like to join our current partnerships program then engage with Aegle today so we can work collaboratively for a brighter tomorrow.

Business Partners